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About XXL Wallpapers


I used multi-monitor solution (see tech details on the righthand side), and I was searching the net for real large wallpapers, without any luck. So I decided to make a few very simple PoVRay-scenes to render at the size I need, and provide some other sizes to the public for free as well.

Right now each theme is rendered individually at 34 different image sizes to have best quality at each size. I also plan to render 2D scalabe wallpapers like PostScript or SVG files, let's see.


I developed this site within a couple of days, so it's a hobby site. If you like to get in touch with me, use the email-address below.

René K. Müller, November 2004
contact@domain_of_this_site (you know what I mean)


My Multi-Monitor Setup (2004/11)

  1. 18" Samsung SyncMaster 800 LCD (refurbished, $200, 2004/11), Matrox G450 AGP (1st plug)
  2. 18" Fujitsu x180f LCD (refurbished, $100, 2004/10): 1280x1024, Matrix G450 AGP (2nd plug)
  3. 18" Fujitsu x180f LCD (refurbished, $250, 2003/11): 1280x1024, Voodoo3 3000 3dfx PCI
  4. 18" Acer FP855 LCD ($900, 2001/03): 1280x1024, ATI Rage PCI

I used to have 2x 18" LCDs plus an 21" Sony G500 CRT (@1920x1440), but I replaced the CRT by two 18" LCDs, now I have 5120x1024 resolution. I currently (10/2006) run FreeBSD-6.1 RELEASE with KDE-3.4 on an Celeron 2GHz, 1GB RAM without harddisk via FreeBSD Diskless Setup. Also with

  • Cordless iTouch Logitech Keyboard & Mouse
  • Wacom ArtPad II (serial)

Hint: xorg.conf or XF86Config I had to add

   Option "ScreenNo" "0"
in Section "InputDevice" where I defined the wacom stylus/eraser, otherwise the pad didn't work (cursor had problems with Xinerama with no sequential screen order).

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