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Welcome to XXLWallpapers!

This site provides eXtra eXtra Large (XXL) desktop wallpapers, especially targeted for multi-monitor setups. Select the wallpaper you like to have:
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2001: The Dawn of Man

2001: Discovery

Chrome Balls

Glass Balls Floating

Dancing Spheres

Glowing in the Desert

Starry Sky in the Desert

Dark Blue Liquid

Red Ball

Liquid & Bubbles

Sunset over Ocean

Sky with Clouds

Spheres in Space


Total 458164 downloads

December 26, 2006Added 2048x2048 and 3840x2160 versions as well.
November 15, 2004Added "Dancing Spheres" theme, with the blue violett background - simple background.
October 21, 2004Added "Spheres in Space" theme.
July 23, 2004New resolution added: 2560x1600, available on new Mac 30" Cinema HD Display (LCD)
January 31, 2004New themes "Starry Sky in the Desert" and "Sunset over Ocean".
January 21, 2004New themes "Liquid & Bubbles" and "2001: Discovery".
January 15, 2004Additional 2 row multi-monitor setups included (3x2, 4x2 and 5x2)
January 12, 2004Added "2001: The Dawn of Man", using halo-like effect under PoVRay.
January 11, 2004Finally the site is available in the public - let's see how fast it takes for google to find it.
January 9, 2004Getting ready to make the site public available. Custom sized wallpaper feature disabled (need to move the web-server to new server first, expected to be in 2004/03).
January 8, 2004Rearranged user-interface of the request procedure, easier and better overview of prerendered scenes.
January 3, 2004Adding a few more wallpapers (Liquid #1 and #2). I consider also 2D formats like PostScript (exported from vector-based graphic editors) and other easy but lossless scalable graphic formats or methods.
December 29, 2003Registered XXLWallpapers.com for this site. A few more wallpapers, rather simple ones.
December 28, 2003First version of the site, not yet online - only two wallpapers yet (Balls #1 and Balls #2).
Each wallpaper is available in 38 different sizes, from classic 1024x768 up to 3840x2400, and as well multi-monitor sizes like 6x1280x1024 (7680x1024) or even 5x2 heads like 5x2x1280x1024 (6400x2048).

I will add new wallpapers regularly once a month or so, check back once in a while.

René K. Müller
January, 2004

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